Azealia Banks Shares New Album Cover

Azealia Banks Shares New Album Cover

Controversial music artist Azealia Banks has shared what seems like album artwork for her new album in three Instagram posts.

The post has no caption, but reads “Side A” and “Tarantula” along the side;

Comments from excited fans include “I guess that flys getting eaten” and “WHENN”.

The 212 singer also shared the ‘B side’ cover;

The final post includes a caption that seemingly talks about her artistic process;

Azealia Banks says the single “Wings of a Butterfly,” is specifically a Transgirl anthem.” and discusses the personal journey that led her to write the album.

Bank’s has had a tumultuous time whilst involved in the music industry.

The star shot to fame after the release of her single, 212 in 2012.

She has since famously had ‘beef’ with many different celebrities.

Then, was dropped from Universal Records in 2014, after the release of her first studio album Broke With Expensive Taste.

The album has no release date yet.

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