Chanel To Limit Of Sales of Bags To Bolster Exclusivity

Chanel To Limit Of Sales of Bags To Bolster Exclusivity

Chanel has announced that this month it will start to limit the sale of their bags per customer per year per model, in an effort to control to resale market and remain exclusive. 

The iconic brand has increased the price of its bags multiple times since the onset of the pandemic, not only to combat rising shipping and material costs.

It is a quest to protect the exclusivity of the brand.

“Although Chanel has already raised the prices of its most popular products three times this year,” wrote Hypebeast, “their bags are still a hot commodity among luxury shoppers.

“Many consumers around the world queue early in the morning to make sure they have a chance to shop.”

Chanel is not the first brand to take measures like this. Hermes only allows their customers to buy two of the same model per year.

They have also has recently reported that their sales are set to return to pre-pandemic levels.

Their Chief Financial Officer Philippe Blondiaux , according to Fashion United, said: “For 2021, we estimate a growth of 35 percent which will bring us back to pre-pandemic levels.”

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