Claressa Shields Aiming To “Break Abigail’s Jaw” In Upcoming Fight

Claressa Shields Aiming To “Break Abigail’s Jaw” In Upcoming Fight

Claressa Shields says she’s trying to “break Abigail’s jaw” in her upcoming MMA fight against Abigail Montes.

The fight, scheduled for October 27, will mark Shields‘ second outing in the MMA.

In an interview with TMZ, Shields wasn’t shy in her ambition to beat Montes.

“She’s a decorated amateur kickboxer. Even though she only has two fights in MMA, she’s been kickboxing for I don’t know how many years in Mexico,” she said. “She comes forward with a lot of punches, so we’re definitely gonna see a very, very entertaining fight and I know I’m gonna handle business and I’m trying to break Abigail’s jaw, for sure.”

Shields is a decorated fighter and the only boxer in history to hold four major world titles in two weight classes. The 26-year-old represented Team USA in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, securing gold medals in the women’s middleweight division.

She made her MMA debut in June against Brittney Elkin, whom she beat in round three. Comparing the two fights and addressing how she might have improved, Shields said: “I feel like I’m going to be a lot more comfortable than what I was in that first fight.”

“I feel like I’m gonna be… have less nerves and I just look forward to going out there and doing better than my last fight,” she said. “My last fight, the model for the camp was, ‘whatever it takes to win, do whatever is necessary’. In this camp, the model is, ‘now that you know better, do better’.”

Asked how much time she had spent stopping takedowns, Shields replied emphatically “Every day.”

“I’ve spent every day… that’s something we work on every single day. And I’ve gotten very, very good at it. Very good.”

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