Colin Woodell Starring In ‘John Wick’ Prequel Series

Colin Woodell Starring In ‘John Wick’ Prequel Series

Colin Woodell is to star alongside Mel Gibson in Starz’s John Wick prequel series, The Continental.

Deadline reports that Woodell has claimed the leading role as a young Winston Scott – portrayed by Ian McShane in the films. Gibson’s casting was announced just a day earlier, with the 65-year-old touted to play a character named Cormac.

Announced shortly after Woodell were five additional castmates. Hubert Point-Du Jour who will play a character named Miles; Jessica Allain who will play Lou; Mishel Prada who will play KD; Nhung Kate, who will play Yen; and Ben Robson who will play Frankie.

The Continental will explore the origin story behind the titular hotel, heavily featured in the John Wick franchise. Focusing on a young Winston Scott in 1975 New York City, the series follows him on a dangerous journey through the city’s underworld to procure the notorious hotel.

John Wick: Chapter 4 is currently in production in Japan and New York.

Woodell is best known for his portrayal of Rick Betancourt in The Purge. He has also featured in The Originals, Designated Survivor, Masters of Sex and The Flight Attendant.

His notable film roles include XOXO, Unfriended: Dark Web, and The Call of the Wild.

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