Dak Prescott Encourages People To “Ask 4 Help”

Dak Prescott Encourages People To “Ask 4 Help”

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is encouraging people to speak up about their struggles. 

The sports-star fights for both victories on the field, and off the field.

He displayed a handwritten message on his wrist tape during Sunday’s matchup against the Patriots: “Ask 4 Help”.

Wearing the message in support of mental health awareness and in honour of his late brother, he lets “those living with mental illness that their lives matter and they are not alone” – ESPN writes.

Dak has previously been using his platform to create awareness about stopping the epidemic of youth suicide. In September, he launched the “Ask 4 Help” campaign in recognition of suicide prevention month.

The campaign includes t-shirts with Prescott‘s Faith Fight Finish Foundation embroidered on them.

“100% of the proceeds from these shirts will benefit @faithfightfinish4 and support our efforts to prioritize mental health and stop the epidemic of suicide.”

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