Elsa Hosk Defends Images With Baby After “Child Pornography” Comment

Elsa Hosk Defends Images With Baby After “Child Pornography” Comment

Elsa Hosk has responded to Instagram trolls following receiving ‘child pornography’ comments after posting naked pictures with baby daughter. 

The Swedish model has hit back at comments on a series of now-deleted images, some comments including that she should have her baby “taken away for her”.

Hosk shared three arty snaps posing with her baby daughter, Tuulikki, inside a bedroom with the New York City skyline i the background. The caption read: “Let me tell you about the city where I fell in love with your dad…❤️.”

Some users claimed the pictures could be comparable to ‘child pornography.’

Elsa took to her Instagram story to react.

“If some sick person on the internet thinks it’s porn that’s that persons problem not mine. I refuse to live my life according to or in fear of sick people on the internet.”

She stated that being naked with her baby is “the most beautiful and my most favorite thing. Skin to skin. It creates hormones that help both of us to connect and have a stronger bond. How beautiful is that!?”

“This photo was a beautiful moment captured by my boyfriend. If you think it’s porn or a ‘thirst trap’ shame on you, not shame on me.”

Another Instagram story was also posted, sharing that she has now deleted the images because she was “over the comments from internet trolls.”

She includes some of the other hateful comments she received, some saying she should “be in jail.”

The post concludes with Elsa sharing that this world makes her “SO sad sometimes.”

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