Estate Of B.B. King Angered By Biography’s Claims He Was Sterile

Estate Of B.B. King Angered By Biography’s Claims He Was Sterile

The estate of B.B. King is reportedly incensed by a new biography which claims the late blues legend was sterile.

The unauthorised biography, entitled ‘King of the Blues: The Rise and Reign of BB King‘ is due to release on October 5. It alleges that King was left sterile following a childhood illness and a run-in with a ram which gored his testicles. It also claims the singer’s fertility problems were worsened by the contraction of STIs.

Author Daniel de Visé, defended his allegation in an interview with The Guardian.

“The people in his inner circle told me over and over again that they didn’t believe he had any biological children. I was told this by his loved ones and even his doctor.” de Visé said. He listed King’s ex-wife Sue, a nephew and a doctor as individuals who backed-up his claim.

King laid claim to no-less than 15 children by the time of his death in 2015, but de Visé says this was part of his “elaborate fiction of fatherhood.”

“”In later years, BB would weave an elaborate fiction of fatherhood, acknowledging his low sperm count even as he claimed to have sired several children.” Wrote de Visé. “The truth – that BB probably never stood a chance to father children – remained a closely guarded secret to the end.”

The chairman of King’s estate, Vassal Benford, reportedly told TMZ that the family did not support the book and were offended by its inaccuracies. He added that King considered all 15 of his children his and loved them without exception.

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