Former Netflix Executive Diego Bunuel Accused Of Raping Wife

Former Netflix Executive Diego Bunuel Accused Of Raping Wife

A warrant has been issues for the arrest of former Netflix executive Diego Bunuel, following allegations that he repeatedly raped his wife.

According to a court filing obtained by the New York Post, Bunuel is accused of raping his wife, Maggie Kim, in the US in 2017. She stated in the filing that she felt “actual fear of her life” after Bunuel said he wanted to hurt her.

The 46-year-old was once head of documentaries for Netflix, before moving to French broadcaster, France Télévisions. He is currently residing in France with the pair’s two children and is unable to return to the US without being arrested.

Bunuel was reportedly successful in his motion to have Kim’s civil lawsuit against him dismissed.

“Nothing contained in this motion constitutes … an admission of any liability or wrongdoing on the part of Mr Bunuel.” Reads the motion.

The lawsuit detailed some of Bunuel’s alleged abuse against Kim, including “sustained abrasions and contusions to her neck and body”.

Kim’s lawyer, Ryan McGuigan, is currently working to overturn the court’s ruling to dismiss the case.

“It seems Bunuel is using his arrest warrant as an excuse to prevent Miss Kim from taking her children back to the US, when they are US citizens.” Stated McGuigan. “Even more shocking is that a judge in Massachusetts has dismissed Miss Kim’s civil claims of sexual battery that occurred on Martha’s Vineyard as the judge ruled he thought that she could bring this claim in France.”

“The court decided that it was more convenient for the case to be brought in a foreign country, where the rape did not actually occur. We disagree.”

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