Julianne Moore And Amy Adams Share Their High School Experience

Julianne Moore And Amy Adams Share Their High School Experience

Julianne Moore and Amy Adams have opened up about the ups and downs they experienced during high school.

The pair of Hollywood A-listers shared their experience in a conversation with People.

“I moved around a lot and I remember that feeling of walking into the cafeteria and not knowing where to go. It’s something that has stayed with me.” Admitted Moore. “I was always happy to find a friend or a group of people or a place to go. That’s the part of high school that’s so terrifying, I think for all of us, the social part.”

“It’s funny you bring up the lunchroom,” Said Adams. “And how it sort of defines your experience to some degree. I always ate alone. My daughter’s like, ‘I would have eaten with you’. But I always brought a book and ate by myself. It wasn’t a bad experience, but I didn’t necessarily find my people in high school.”

Both actresses have recently featured in the upcoming coming-of-age musical, ‘Dear Evan Hansen‘. The film follows a student named Evan Hansen, who struggles with an anxiety disorder and the death of a classmate by suicide.

Moore, 60, is best known for her roles in big Hollywood films such as ‘The Hunger Games‘, ‘Hannibal‘ and ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle‘. She most recently starred alongside Adams in ‘The Woman In The Window‘ – available on Netflix now.

Adams, 47, has enjoyed a busy year with her work on other new features including ‘Disenchanted‘ and ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League‘. She is best known for her roles in ‘Arrival‘, ‘Nocturnal Animals‘ and ‘American Hustle‘.

Dear Evan Hansen‘ arrives in cinemas on September 24.

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