Kanye West Includes Marilyn Manson In Sunday Service

Kanye West Includes Marilyn Manson In Sunday Service

Kanye West has again caused controversy for including Marilyn Manson in his Sunday Service livestream.

Ye brought back Sunday Service just in time for halloween, and performed alongside Manson and Justin Bieber.

West performed Donda songs including No Child Left Behind, Hurricane, Moon and Come to Life.

Fans were left disappointed that Manson was included due to the accusations against him of sexual assault.

The allegations were initially dropped, but that was overturned in September.

According to Pitchfork, “The judge argued that the initial allegations were “not sufficient to invoke the delayed discovery rule,” and that the woman, identified as Jane Doe, had 20 days to amend the filing with new details. Now, Jane Doe has refiled the suit.”

The revived complaint was filed today (September 23), and contains new details about the alleged assault and alleged incidents that followed.”

This means that West has included someone in his album, and in his performance, that has current assault charges against them.

how’s kanye west gunna have daughters and be handing about with alleged rapist and raging misogynist marilyn manson https://t.co/9BVZBpqss7

— thea ♡ (@th333a) November 1, 2021

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