LA Angels Star Mike Trout Ends Season Early Due To Injury

LA Angels Star Mike Trout Ends Season Early Due To Injury

Los Angeles outfielder Mike Trout has concluded this year’s baseball season early due to an ongoing injury.

According to the MLB, the injury Trout suffered to his right calf on May 17 is the cause of his early departure. The 30-year-old has played just 36 games this season.

“I feel like I’m in a great place,” Trout told the media on Saturday (September 25).

“I think mid-August was the toughest month in my career, just mentally and physically. It wears on you. There’s a lot of people who respect you and want you out there, and that’s in the back of your mind – my family, my kid, my teammates, the Angels fans.”

“But my body wasn’t allowing it. It’s been a grind and it’s been tough for me. But now I look back, I learned from everything,” he added,

“If we were in the race, it might be different and maybe I could play through it. But it got to the point where I needed a rehab assignment and had two weeks left and just looking at the bigger picture, it was smarter to get it right and get ready for Spring Training.”

The three-time MVP is not the only Angels player who has had to call an early end to their run this season. Teammate Anthony Rendon was also forced to end the season following a hip injury that required surgery.

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