Limo Driver Sues Rapper Quavo Over Alleged Assault

Limo Driver Sues Rapper Quavo Over Alleged Assault

A lawsuit has been filed against American rapper Quavo after a limo driver accused him of an assault in Las Vegas.

According to TMZ, the alleged attack occurred on July 3 when the driver was hired to transport Quavo and his party to the Virgin Hotel. The group reportedly grew increasingly aggressive after they accused him of leaving someone behind.

Despite attempts to placate the group, the driver claims that a bottle was thrown at him and five people began to violently assault him. He maintains that he was left with extensive injuries after being repeatedly punched and kicked.

The driver states that several hotel staff members witnessed the alleged attack and fled inside to avoid a similar assault.

He is reportedly seeking an unspecified sum in damages, due to ongoing physical and mental trauma and disfigurement.

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