Lorde Shares New Video And Announces Two New Songs

Lorde Shares New Video And Announces Two New Songs

Lorde has shared the video for Fallen Fruit as well as announcing the release of two new songs coming this week.

The 24-year-old singer sent an email to her fans expressing the emotions she feels as her 25th birthday is approaching stating:

”Making albums is the ultimate way of marking the time, giving you and I these signposts that help us remember our lives. I just now remembered these posts I used to write on major birthdays.”

“My life was so insane, and whole years would just swallow me up. The posts were me trying to make sense of the fact that time was passing, even if I couldn’t always feel it.”

In the email sent, Lorde also announced the release of two new songs, HELEN OF TROY and HOLD NO GRUDGE which will be bonus tracks on her third album Solar Power.

The two new songs will be available on all streaming platforms this Friday, November 5.

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