Megan Thee Stallion Wowed Gran Prix

Megan Thee Stallion Wowed Gran Prix

Megan Thee Stallion wowed at the US Gran Prix in a Mugler inspired Cash App body suit, but the interactions on the grid were less than glamorous.

Megan shared pictures of her outfit to her Instagram.

The 26-year-old showed off her Cash App themed outfit with nails to match.

Although on the grid, her interactions weren’t quite as glamorous.

When Martin Brundle who is an ex-racer himself and is now working for Sky News tired to speak to Megan, the conversation was very awkward.

It is typical of F1 that when journalists are on the grid, they are searching for interviews. This did not go down to well with Megan’s team.

Legend Martin Brundle 😂

— Aadoo Ozzo (@Aadozo) October 24, 2021

Brundle asked if Megan had any freestyle raps for them, and she responded politely, laughing that she did not. He pressed her further, asking who she was rooting for.

A member of her crew told him he “couldn’t do that.”

This was after one on Megan’s bodyguards tried to stop the interview all together.

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