Nicki Minaj Tweet Triggers Anti-Vax Protests

Nicki Minaj Tweet Triggers Anti-Vax Protests

The latest addition in the crazy Nicki Minaj anti-vax saga is that Minaj fans, or ‘barbz’ are now protesting outside the Centre For Disease Control in Atlanta;

Nicki Minaj fans in Atlanta protest the CDC in Atlanta. They say they trust her medical advice on the

— chris evans (@chris_notcapn) September 16, 2021

The protests come after a series of tweets from Minaj claiming her cousin’s friend’s testicles were affected by the vaccine.

The protesters say the CDC has been “lying to us for so long,”

They go on to say “Nicki the queen of rap, stood up, Nicki multiple platinum placks, stood up and said ‘I am questioning the vaccine’ we should all question the vaccine.”

Since Minaj’s tweet regarding the vaccine, she has since been invited to The White House.

The tweets also lead to a bizarre altercation with British PM Boris Johnson.

Read a full timeline of tweets here.

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