Olivia Rodrigo And Alanis Morissette Share Rolling Stone Cover

Olivia Rodrigo And Alanis Morissette Share Rolling Stone Cover

Rolling Stone magazine have released their 2021 ‘Musicians on Musicians‘ covers, with Olivia Rodrigo and Alanis Morissette sharing a cover. 

The feature will discuss “becoming a superstar at an early age, the power of anger, and life in the public eye.”

Rolling Stone described the ‘Musicians On Musicians‘ series as “the annual franchise where two great artists come together for a free, open conversation about life and music.”

Rodrigo shared the magazine cover on her Instagram.

The caption reads “what an absolute honor. I have looked up to alanis’s honesty, vulnerability, and genius for years. meeting her and experiencing her grace and passion in person was an experience I’ll never forget.”

The two conversed about meeting; “I love how you’re so honest and talk about stuff that normally isn’t talked about in songwriting,” says Rodrigo, whose album, Sour, is one of the year’s most streamed by a healthy margin.

“Well, you’re doing the same,” replies Morissette, 47, who’s been touring to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Jagged Little Pill.”

“I’m excited. I went down many rabbit holes knowing I was going to meet you.”

The conversation wraps up with Rodrigo asking Morissette if she has any advice for surviving the music industry.

“It was lovely to journal about it, but if I could go back in time, I would have conjured a few really deeply loving, unconditionally caring people around me to just check in with me. Do you have that?”

To which Rodrigo replies, “I hope so, yeah.”

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