Olivia Rodrigo Is Vogue Singapore’s ‘Dreamer’

Olivia Rodrigo Is Vogue Singapore’s ‘Dreamer’

Teen pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo is the cover star of Vogue Singapore’s 9th Issue, ‘Dreamers‘.

The cover see’s the Brutal singer adorned with a peach chiffon two-piece.

On the Vogue Singapore’s Instagram, they posted a short clip of Rodrigo in which she discusses meeting President Biden.

“I met the President of the United States a while ago, and that was definitely a big pinch-me-I’m-dreaming moment,”

She goes on to say she just hopes she can “continue to make music that inspires me and meet new people.”

When speaking about her childhood with Vogue, Rodrigo claims it was written in the stars that she would end up famous one day.

“My grandfather, who is really into astrology, held me as a newborn baby and said, ‘She’s going to be a performing artist.’ That has sort of been the course of my entire life. It’s what I’ve always felt the most passion for.”

The Vogue Singapore October issue has two digital covers alongside its print cover, which seems to take inspiration from the Brutal music video with its play on social media and Instagram;

Rodrigo discusses growing up in the social media age, saying “It’s hard to grow up on social media. Even now, I still struggle with it. You look at social media and see the perfect parts of people’s lives and it’s so hard not to compare your life to theirs.”

It’s even weird for me to see my Instagram page; that’s what people think of me but that doesn’t feel like me. I wish they knew the real me.”

The October issue is available here.

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