Opinion: Doja Cat’s Best Outfits Over The Past Year

Opinion: Doja Cat’s Best Outfits Over The Past Year

Since the release of her album Hot Pink, Doja Cat has taken over the world (and cyber world) and today is her birthday. 

I have loved Doja since I saw her perform in the basement of XOYO in London for just £10.

Doja exudes big Libra sun, Libra rising, Libra Mercury energy with her impeccable taste and confident attitude which allows het to pull of anything. In short, she could wear a bin bag and still look good.

And so in honour of #DojaDay, I have complied a list of her greatest fashion moments.

7.  Lime Green Queen in Roberto Cavalli.

Sporting an extreme mullet, this Grammy’s look could have been plucked from Tim Burton’s mind.

Doja won three awards that night; for New Artist, Record and Pop Solo Performance.

6.  Boss B*tch

Not many people can pull of a flaming orange bob quite like Doja. In this fetish-inspired look, Doja gives the receipts for calling herself a boss b*tch.

5.  Icy Gurl at the Dolce & Gabanna show

Even though the silver roots divided people, this look is still a masterpiece from head to toe.

From clashing sliver and gold jewellery, to the silver dress matched with plumb nails, this look belongs on a secret beach rendezvous in the south of France, or a dramatic perfume ad.

4.  B*tch I’m A Cow(girl)!

Doja’s American Music Award look could have been inspired by the Western theme of her music video for hit song Streets. Wherever the inspo came from, each element of this outfit elevates it from Western theme to an almost conceptual art piece.

3.  Balanced Like A Libra

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus which governs luxury, beauty, aesthetics, money. Knowing this, it’s no surprise Doja is a 3x Libra. She exudes luxury, coolness, and does it all effortlessly.

She looks like a roman goddess in this look where she adorns the Libra symbol atop her head. You can read her whole star chart here.

2.  Doja Cat, literally.

Wearing The Blonds, a brand known for it’s conceptual looks, Doja dresses as her name sake. The dress kind of resembles a RuPaul’s Drag Race design challenge look, in the best way possible.

Looking like the cat that really got the cream, she commanded all the attention at the red carpet.

1.  The entirety of the Planet Her era.

Futuristic, colourful and otherworldly. Doja is a robot, an alien, and an underwater creature. This era proves it really is Doja’s planet, and we are all lucky to live on it.

Happy birthday, Doja!

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