Opinion: One Direction’s Top Twenty Songs

Opinion: One Direction’s Top Twenty Songs

Today marks ten years since One Direction released their debut album Take Me Home. As the band reaches this nostalgic landmark, we take a trip down memory lane, reminiscing and ranking their songs from least favourite to the best.

It has now been eleven years since the band was formed by Simon Cowell on The X Factor. Six of those years have been spent on an indefinite hiatus.

Since The X Factor, “they went on to become one of the biggest boybands in the world, with an incredible 36 million sales worldwide and four UK number ones,” as reported by Heart Radio. Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have all embarked on solo careers since the split.

Zayn Malik was the first to leave the band, announcing his departure back in 2015. This announcement left fans heartbroken across the world.

The fandom, known as ‘Directioners’, still take to social media to recall the day of the split:

6 years ago today One direction signed off with “Louis, Liam, Niall & Harry” pic.twitter.com/7upf2tmSxG

— sin 💭 (@iHuggyNouis) November 15, 2021

unCrazed takes to ranking their whole discography – with four songs from each of their five albums.

Tracks 20 to 10:

20. Up All Night

After coming third on The X Factor, the boys signed a £2 million record contract with Simon Cowell’s label Syco. Up All Night was the bands first official single and the title of their very first album. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard charts – kicking off their unprecedented career.

19. Little Things 

Little Things is taken from their second album Take Me Home. The band released the song as a single and it debuted at number one. Little Things became a statement song – known as the moment for your flashlights to be shining.

18. Something Great

17. Back For You

16. Gotta Be You 

15. Moments

14. Back For You

13. Happily

Happily is one of the more melodic songs taken from their third album, Midnight Memories. This album was somewhat rock-inspired and had a more lively, young-adult feel. Released in 2013, the album quickly raced to number one.

12. Clouds

Clouds is taken from their fourth album, titled Four. This would’ve been their last album as a five piece, just before Zayn Malik announced his departure.

11. I Should’ve Kissed You 

10. C’mon C’mon

Tracks 9-6:

9. Hey Angel

Number nine is taken from the bands fifth and final album, Made In The A.M. This album was met with varying feelings of sadness and optimism. The band described it as their “best album yet”, and it certainly felt like a breath of fresh air, stepping away from their usual pop era. This album was the only one to not make the number one spot, ranking at number two.

8. Change Your Ticket

7. She’s Not Afraid 

6. Diana

Tracks 5-2:

5. Stockholm Syndrome 

4. Wolves

3. Walking in the Wind

2. Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress was a very close second. This track is sure to have you dancing around your room, playing the air guitar. It is perhaps the most ‘rock-ish’ song from the album, showing the bands growth into young adults and away from the ‘innocent’ phase.

And the winning song goes to:

What A Feeling

Adding a familiar but unique feeling to the bands last album, the track has Fleetwood Mac vibes. It manages to re-invent the idea of One Direction, whilst simultaneously sticking to their well-known style. It is bittersweet that the band ended on such a remarkable album.

There is still no sign of a reunion from the boys as of yet.

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