Patti Smith Defends Sally Rooney’s Boycott Of Israeli Publisher

Patti Smith Defends Sally Rooney’s Boycott Of Israeli Publisher

Patti Smith performed at the United Nations’ 2021 Climate Change Conference

Ahead of her headline performance at the events opening concert, titled Pathway to Paris, the singer took the time to discuss her environmental concerns.

Dazed reports that she reflected on a meeting with the Dalai Lama over 20 years ago. She recalled that the “spiritual leader’s main advice for young people to make a better world was: ‘Look after the environment.’”

“I think the climate movement is the most important thing on the planet right now. It permeates everything. Civil rights, human rights, women’s rights.”

The poet has long advocated for climate change and civil rights. She said that “campaigning against climate change is a matter of “common sense” that aligns with other protest movements.”

“It’s obviously the right thing to do to fight for civil rights, it’s not a matter of consideration or taste,” she continued. “Climate change, war, they really affect all people. So much of my efforts, so-called politically, have been toward the greater good.”

Smith also stood in solidarity with Palestine and supported author Sally Rooney‘s boycott of the Israeli publisher Modan. Rooney had rejected the companies offer to buy the translation rights for her most recent novel, Beautiful World, Where Are You. 

“It’s something that sometimes hits us very specifically,” Patti shared. “Like, the writer (Rooney), I thought that was a very brave move, because I have my own considerations. I haven’t performed in Israel since 1999.”

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