Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood Shares The First Track From ‘Spencer’

Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood Shares The First Track From ‘Spencer’

Lead guitarist of English rock band Radiohead, Jonny Greenwood, has shared the first track from the score he composed for Spencer.

Jonny Greenwood has offered up a first taste of his soundtrack for Pablo Larraín’s upcoming Princess Diana film, Spencer, with the release of a track titled Crucifix.

Crucifix features the London Contemporary Orchestra.

Greenwood previously spoke to NME regarding the making of the soundtrack, saying he initially struggled to not make the film “sound like the theme to Antiques Roadshow.”

“I suggested we get a baroque orchestra in, so I wrote music in that regular royal style, with kettle drums, trumpets, harpsichords and pipe organs,” said Greenwood.

“Then, while they were playing, we substituted the orchestra with free jazz players.”

Greenwood also has pretty strong feeling regarding the real life Royal Family, saying “I go along with Stephen Fry’s view, which is that the Royal Family are an absurd institution, but getting rid of them wouldn’t change anything.

Like he says, if you look at the other European countries which have kept their Royal Family, it’s amusingly the most liberal and socially advanced countries, like Sweden and the Netherlands.”

This isn’t the first time Greenwood has branched away from heavy British rock and into film soundtracks.

Spencer will be his ninth film soundtrack.

He has done for films with Paul Thomas Anderson including There Will Be Blood and Inherent Vice, plus You Were Never Really Here for director Lynne Ramsey and his first film score Bodysong in 2003.

Larraín’s biopic follows a young Princess Diana over a long weekend at the royals’ Sandringham estate in the Christmas holidays.

It has been said by royal historians that this weekend marked the beginning of the breakdown of the marriage between her and Prince Charles.

You can listen to Crucifix here

Spencer will be released in cinemas on November 5.

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