Ruby Rose Releases Evidence To Back Up ‘Batwoman’ Allegations

Ruby Rose Releases Evidence To Back Up ‘Batwoman’ Allegations

Ruby Rose has posted email evidence to support her allegations of a toxic work environment on the set of Batwoman.

Last week Rose made a string of allegations against individuals involved with the production of CW’s Batwoman. Among the people called out were Warner Bros. TV president Peter Roth, producers Caroline Dries, Sarah Schechter, and Greg Berlanti and her co-star Dougray Scott.

Her allegations included inappropriate conduct towards female colleagues. She claimed that Roth would frequently have female staff steam his pants whilst wearing them, and that Scott would verbally abuse female colleagues and once injured a stunt double.

Rose also described an extremely unsafe set, which resulted in the serious injury of at least two crew members. She added that following her own injury, she was threatened to return to work within just 10 days of undergoing serious surgery.

Now, following a statement from Warner Bros. refuting her allegations, Rose took to Instagram once more, this time with evidence.

The emails, which can be viewed through CBR, show conversations with talent manager Carol Bodie, in which Rose states she is “so close to being done”.

Another email to Caroline Dries describes a “catastrophic” day of shooting, where people yelled and walked off set. Ruby Rose later writes that she is considering sharing evidence that Dries was “monetizing gays” and wasn’t “an LGBT activist or feminist”.

She also shared emails in which she claims she was being made to “shoot two covers” whilst still recovering from her surgery. Another string of emails shows that she was required to wear full costume during a promotional shoot for EW.

Further emails back up her claims of poor health and safety measures on set, particularly in relation to Atmos fog levels.

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