Shein Rips Off The Dark Lord Of Fashion

Shein Rips Off The Dark Lord Of Fashion

Rick Owens, otherwise known as ‘The Dark Lord of Fashion’, has become the latest victim of ultra-fast fashion company Shein.

This isn’t the first time Shein has stolen designs from high fashion designers

Instagram account High Fashion Talk were one of the first to bring it to public attention.

Shein is infamous in the fashion world.

It adds approximately 6000 new products a day, and has recently been found to be falling short of modern slavery reporting rules.

According to Reuters, “public disclosures about working conditions along its [Shein] supply chain that are required by law in the United Kingdom, and until recently, falsely stated on its website that conditions in the factories it uses were certified by international labor standards bodies,”

Shein’s trousers retail at £23, whereas the original Rick Owens‘ retail for £1550.

Shein is simultaneously stealing from designers whilst running a talent show to help an up-and-coming designer. You can read more about this here.

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