W Magazine Revisits Their ‘Directors Issue’

W Magazine Revisits Their ‘Directors Issue’

W Magazine has revisited their ‘Directors Issue‘ by Sophia Coppola, in which she features three muses.

In honour the Marie Antoinette fifteen year anniversary, W Magazine posted a still on their Instagram.

“Frequent muse Kirsten Dunst, whom Coppola first directed in The Virgin Suicides, when Dunst was 16 years old; Elle Fanning, who appeared in Somewhere at age 11 and in The Beguiled at 18; and Rashida Jones, the protagonist of last year’s On the Rocks,” wrote W Magazine about the project.

When discussing her vision for the issue, she said to W “I think we’re all so starved for some beauty and fashion after being home,”

“I wanted the whole thing to be feminine and fancy, because we’re too casual these days. The idea is that these women are lying around like they’re tired after trying on so many gowns.”

Dunst said of her experience working with Coppola on The Virgin Suicides “She made me feel like I was cool, like my teeth were cool, and I was pretty.”

“At 16, I did not think anything of myself. And it’s nice to have had another woman celebrate that transition, rather than it having been sexualised through a man’s perspective.”

Coppola, daughter of equally well-known director Francis Ford Coppola, has had a groundbreaking career.

She was the first American women to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director.

In 2010, with Somewhere, she became the first American woman and fourth American filmmaker to win the Golden Lion, the top prize at the Venice Film Festival.

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