Young Thug To Make Slime City Solar Powered With Help Of Elon Musk

Young Thug To Make Slime City Solar Powered With Help Of Elon Musk

Fresh off the release of his new album Punk, Young Thug has now made moved onto making Slime City eco-friendly and has enlisted the help of tech giant Elon Musk.

Slime City located in Atlanta, where Young Thug is from.

Young Thug was gifted 100 acres of land by his manager Geoff Ogunlesi and realtor Trey Williams for his 30th birthday in August, which he appropriately named Slime City.

I wanna make Slime City solar powered wya @elonmusk

— Young Thug ひ (@youngthug) October 19, 2021

According to TMZ, Williams shared that the rapper plans to build houses, a waterpark, a dirt bike trail, and a camping site on the property.

It’s also expected that he’ll use it as the site for a music festival called ‘Slime Fest.’

During a recent interview with Complex, Young Thug said he wanted to make his property a haven for Black children.

“Most of the city is going to be something that has something to do with kids,” he said. “Summer camps, school. A private school for Black kids.”

Musk, on the other hand, is known for extremely ambitious projects including the SpaceX project who’s “ultimate goal of making life multiplanetary.”

Musk is also well on his way to become the first trillionaire, which you can read more about here.

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