15 Hours So Far: Snow Leaves Thousands Stranded In N. VA

15 Hours So Far: Snow Leaves Thousands Stranded In N. VA

This is a nightmare scenario. After yesterday’s snow storm, thousands of drivers were stuck overnight on the I-95 Beltway surrounding the D.C. metro area — for ten hours now, in below-freezing temperatures. Via CNN:

Drivers were stranded for hours on a major interstate Monday night after a severe winter storm caused a massive backup — and authorities scrambled to clear a path.

“We wish we had a timetable, ETA or an educated guess on when travel will resume on I-95,” the Virginia Department of Transportation said on Twitter, describing the situation as frustrating and scary.

Motorists expressed their anger on social media as they sat in vehicles, unable to move and worried about the falling temperature after a storm that dropped several inches of snow across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast and left more than 400,000 customers without power.

The section of I-95 in the Fredericksburg, Virginia, area was blocked by multiple disabled vehicles and downed trees, VDOT said.

Even under the best of conditions, traffic in and around the Beltway is horrific. When I was a recruiter, people would hang up on me if the job was in the D.C./Va metro area. They were not interested in fighting that traffic.

A great thread about the i-95 shutdown here in Virginia. My husband & son are stranded, now 16 hours. My son just got sworn in to the Coast Guard- they didn’t cancel. And now I just got the “whatever happens, I love you” call. #i95 #Snowdrop https://t.co/k6wlWsBHUL

— Alex G (@AlexGatPlay) January 4, 2022

This stretch of #I95 is prone to traffic jams during perfect weather. Add 5 inches of snow and you have a 30-mile standstill (with no relief in sight). Take care of each other out there, everybody! https://t.co/4mXS2qeJCN

— Ward Carroll (@wardcarroll) January 4, 2022

Hello trucker here currently stuck on i95 SB – for all reading if you are stuck and or know someone else stuck in this mess tell them to reach out to any truckers by them for food/ water if needed. We carry extra for situ like this. Plz stay safe and warm.

— Emily Slaughter (@MLE_NYC) January 4, 2022

@ABC @NBCNews @VaNationalGuard @GovernorVA @VSPPIO My son as been stuck in his car northbound on I95 for 12 hours without moving now – near Woodford, VA. What is being done to help these people who need food and water while trucks are being towed?! WHERE IS THE HELP?

— Denise Abramow (@DeniseJdmom1) January 4, 2022

On I-95 northbound, we have an estimated 20-30 trucks stuck near the Matta River area, around mm 117, south of exit 118 (Thornburg). Towing crew is now on scene to begin removal, with VDOT crews coming to plow and treat interstate surrounding the removal of disabled vehicles. pic.twitter.com/EQn8iqFvbD

— VDOT Fredericksburg (@VaDOTFRED) January 4, 2022

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