2021: The Year Of Searching How To Heal

2021: The Year Of Searching How To Heal

Thankfully, the year 2021 – or 2020 won – was another beast of a year. COVID came back with a vengeance with the Delta and Omicron variants, MAGAts running amok, anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, Karens, climate change and a slew of other problems.

As they do every year, Google came out with their list of most common searches for the year. Leading this list were questions about how to heal both physically and emotionally, how to move forward, how to heal the planet and how to help each other. Trevor Noah and The Daily Show delve into this list in a well-produced segment. At the end of the segment, they included a video put together a video regarding this list of searches. I dare you to watch it and not start tearing up, from allergies of course.

Then brace yourselves again because next year doesn’t look promising either, It will be 2020 too, after all.

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