Alleged Sex Trafficker Matt Gaetz Attacks Gen. Milley's Credibility

Alleged Sex Trafficker Matt Gaetz Attacks Gen. Milley's Credibility

During Wednesday’s House Armed Services Committee hearing, Rep Matt Gaetz played for the Fox News cameras while questioning General Milley.

Bess Levin reminds us that Gaetz, was reportedly under investigation for paying women for sex and, separately, for sleeping with a minor and transporting her across state lines.

Yet Gaetz had the nerve to attack General Milley’s credibility and commitment to the US.

Gaetz held up Bob Woodward’s new book Peril, and yelled, “You spent more time with Bob Woodward on this book than you spent analyzing the very likely prospect that the Afghanistan government was going to fall immediately to the Taliban. Didn’t you?”

(This is Marjorie Taylor Greene level of lunacy)

“Not even close, Congressman,” Milley replied evenly.

Later during the hearing Gaetz came back to Milley’s conduct.

“We’re not questioning your personal conduct,” Gaetz said. “We’re questioning in your official capacity going and undermining the chain of command, which is obviously what you did.”

“I didn’t undermine the chain of command,” Milley protested.

“You absolutely did!” Gaetz yelled.

“I did not,” Milley shot back.

Bob Woodward has insisted that Gen. Milley did nothing wrong and actually protected the country as well as every other credible news and law expert.

Republicans haven’t proved anything against Gen. Milley except kicking and screaming like undisciplined children at day care.

Republicans in Congress have no interest in public policy except to create soundbites to appear on Fox News.

Here’s the full exchange.

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