Another Mass Shooting Last Night, This Time In Denver

Another Mass Shooting Last Night, This Time In Denver

Thank God we live in America, where men get to express their feelings with guns instead of learning to talk about what’s bothering them, like some weakling. It wouldn’t be right if anyone put any controls at all on the ability of a man to grab a gun and kill random people. This is the 668th mass shooting in 2021. WE’RE NUMBER ONE! FREEDOM, people!

A gunman killed four people and injured several others in Denver last night, including a police officer. The suspect later died in a shootout in Lakewood. Via CNN:

“At least four people were killed and three others were injured, including a police officer, after a shooting rampage in the Denver area. The suspect opened fire across four different locations before an exchange of gunfire with police in the city of Lakewood. Police say the suspect was fatally shot, unclear if by police.”

We were just inside the store and heard, like, one gunshot, and then it sounded like they hit the side of the building and then obviously a bunch of cop cars. They came out, and slipped us into the back.

“This is the holiday season. To have this type of spree take place is not normal for our community. We cannot lose sight of the victims in this, the people that are still fighting for their lives. I also want to commend both the Lakewood police department and the Denver police department for putting themselves in harms way to bring this person in custody or stop this spree from continuing,” said Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen

“Now, the motive of the shooting is unknown and the investigation, as you can hear, is clearly ongoing. There have been 686 mass shootings in the U.S. in 2021. and the year is obviously not over yet. That’s more than double the number from just a few years ago,” the CNN anchor reminded viewers.

A deadly shooting spree across at least four different locations in Denver and Lakewood in the busy Belmar district ended with at least four people dead and a police officer and others being injured on Monday night.

— Amee Vanderpool (@girlsreallyrule) December 28, 2021

Last night, a mass shooter in Colorado killed four people – including a police officer and a hotel clerk – and wounded three others across multiple locations across Denver. The suspect died during a shootout with police. #coleg

— Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) December 28, 2021

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