Anti-Mask, Anti-vax Teen Councilman Now 'Deathly Ill' With COVID

Anti-Mask, Anti-vax Teen Councilman Now 'Deathly Ill' With COVID

By now we’ve seen this story a hundred times, in this case, a young (just 19) city councilman in Decatur City, Alabama who has railed against mask mandates and the vaccine in one of the worst affected areas of the United States has now contracted the virus and is deathly ill with COVID.

Source: Daily Beast

A teenage city council member in Morgan County, Alabama, who tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday after railing against mask mandates said he’s now battling coronavirus-related pneumonia in the hospital.

“I am still shallow in breathing but my oxygen remains okay for now,” Decatur City Councilman Hunter Pepper, 19, wrote on Facebook Thursday. He received a CT scan on Wednesday night that confirmed he has COVID pneumonia, “which is absolutely terrible,” he wrote.

On Wednesday, Pepper—who’s repeatedly slammed mask mandates and refused to get vaccinated— said that he took two rapid tests and a PCR test for the coronavirus after he started to feel sick on Monday.

“Well, it has finally happened to me. Unfortunately, this morning I have confirmed two positive [tests] for Covid-19,” Pepper wrote Wednesday on Facebook. Everything In me wants to tell myself it is something different but every way I look it’s ‘Covid this, Covid that’ and it has terrified me and my family.”

His Facebook post.

Judging by his size (not fat-shaming, it’s just how it goes with COVID), he looks to be at high risk and should have been vaccinated.

Hunter Pepper, a 19-year-old council member from Alabama who vowed to “fight to the end” against a mask mandate, revealed he is positive for COVID-19 and has been hospitalized with difficulty breathing

— Dr. Jeffrey Guterman (@JeffreyGuterman) September 16, 2021

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