Anti-Ron DeSantis Group Releases A Killer Ad

Anti-Ron DeSantis Group Releases A Killer Ad

The Remove Ron PAC’s “Florever Purge” spoofs the Forever Purge horror movie, with a particular focus on the Florida governor’s anti-science policies on face masks and vaccines. Via Florida Politics:

The video runs two minutes and begins on a commercial flight, with a flight attendant informing masked passengers that “we are now entering Florida airspace” in the intro.

“Now that we’re making our final descent … please watch this short message from Gov. Ron DeSantis on COVID-19 … and thereafter, everyone on board will be required to comply with the state’s Florever Purge.

“[…] As Gov. DeSantis stated, in accordance with the Florever purge … while you are within state lines … you do not have to wear a mask. You do not have to get a vaccine. It is against the law for private businesses or schools to mandate masks or vaccines … and you have the absolute right … to infect whoever you want.”

The narrative then moves to local news narration documenting rises in cases and deaths over the summer, interspersed with reviews on the screen from fake newspapers with phrases like “Terrifyingly Evil!” and “Killer Ending.”

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