Anti-vax 'Plague Spreader' Dies Of COVID

Anti-vax 'Plague Spreader' Dies Of COVID

“Buratti, who also promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, remained anti-vaxx until the end and had repeatedly denied the existence of Covid.”

Nice guy, no doubt.

Source: TSB News

A fervent Italian anti-vaxxer who gained a cult following after his regular phone-ins to a popular radio show has died from Covid.

Maurizio Buratti, 61, known to his fans as Mauro from Mantua, had boasted of being a ‘plague spreader’ after deliberately going to a Carrefour supermarket without a mask while feeling ill and having a temperature of 38 degrees, just days before his hospitalisation.

He said he was ‘defending the constitution by ignoring public health advice, and refused to get tested because he believed the swabs caused the virus.

Buratti, who worked as a mechanic, had been in intensive care for 22 days before his death on Monday.

The show’s presenter, David Parenzo, had this to say about his frequent guest:

‘Rest in peace wherever you are, old conspiracy theorist.

‘I only hope your sad story serves as an example to all those who are still fuelling doubts about the efficacy of vaccines.’

Rome, Italy : Anti-vax radio personality, and Covid denier, Maurizio Buratti, dies of Covid 19, aged 61, after 22 days in intensive care

— Glyn ap Myfyr (@Welshbeard) December 28, 2021

È morto di covid nella terapia intensiva dell’ospedale di Verona Maurizio Buratti, noto al pubblico della radio come Mauro da Mantova. No vax e complottista irriducibile, prima del ricovero si era vantato di essere andato in giro con la febbre per contagiare gli altri

— Tg3 (@Tg3web) December 28, 2021

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