Anti-vaxxer Of The Day: Mak Pahar, Dead From COVID

Anti-vaxxer Of The Day: Mak Pahar, Dead From COVID

In a twitch livestream recently, Pahar couldn’t understand why he was feeling sick, why his immune system was failing, And why the ivermectin he claimed to be taking wasn’t working.

Source: Daily Mail

A Canadian Covid denier who believed the earth is flat has been found dead – days after he told a Twitch stream he was sick but that it wasn’t Covid because ‘it doesn’t exist’.

Mak Parhar, from New Westminster, British Columbia, told his stream that he was suffering from tiredness, chills, and a cough ‘with a lot of phlegm’ but it was not ‘Con-vid’.

Parhar’s cause of death has not been released by coroners in the Canadian province.

At the time of his death, Parhar was on trial for three charges of breaking Canada’s quarantine laws when coming back from a flat-earther conference in the US last year.

A news report from Global News. Apparently, he was rather infamous in British Columbia for his views. The city of Delta, BC revoked his business license for false claims that exposure to heat would kill Covid.

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