Anti-vaxxer Of The Day: Stan Wilson

Anti-vaxxer Of The Day: Stan Wilson

A couple of days ago did a story about Stan Wilson, who died last month from COVID. Both Stan and his wife filled their Facebook pages with pretty strident anti-vax material (some of which you can see in the video above), despite having lost friends, co-workers and family from COVID, including Stan’s own mother, Norma, who also died from it. (It’s believed that Stan contracted the virus from her and that neither of them was vaccinated, of course.) Oh, and Stan was also an EMT, and as such in high risk of contracting COVID just from the nature of his work.

None of those facts seemed to register with Stan or his wife thouogh, as she’s continued posting anti-vax material, even after her husband’s death, arguing that the hospital was negligent for not providing ivermectin or other quack remedies to her already deathly-ill husband. She also posted to Facebook saying, “Neither of us were vaccinated by choice. Stan was ridiculed for it and stood by his conviction. wonder if his treatment has been different if he had taken it? I will not.”

So it goes.


According to this obituary, Stan died from COVID on September 27, 2021. Stan was an EMT for the Bartlesville Ambulance Service for 27 years. Stan and his wife, Nancy, were anti-vaxxers, and as you’ll see Nancy thought the Bartlesville Hospital could’ve approached Stan’s treatment differently.

The Bartlesville Enterprise-Examiner had a piece on Stan Wilson after his passing as well.

Veteran EMT Stan Wilson died Monday, marking the first COVID-19 related death of a Bartlesville Ambulance Service first responder.

A procession of BAS ambulances, Bartlesville Police and Bartlesville Fire trucks accompanied his body from the hospital to a funeral home. BAS Administrator Dan Bolton said it is believed Wilson, a Bartlesville EMT of 21 years, contracted the disease from his mother, Norma Wilson, who died of COVID-19 on Sept. 12.

“It comes too close to home. It makes COVID very real. Our guys are exposed to it almost every day, to COVID patients. We thought we were through the worst of it, then it came back again. We never expected to have a death. Almost all of our guys have gotten COVID … Stan was the only one who didn’t survive it,” Bolton said.

And Danesh’s tweet contains much of the material that Sorryantivaxxer dug up on Facebook.

Antivaxxer of the Day
Stan Wilson

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