Arizona State Senator Hate-Tweets About Jesus On Christmas

Arizona State Senator Hate-Tweets About Jesus On Christmas

Well, if it isn’t the bigoted, aggressively racist, illiterate Jesus-freak from Arizona, State Senator Wendy Rogers!

I stand with Jesus, Robert E Lee, and the Cleveland Indians – all being canceled by the satanic communists. But they can never cancel Jesus – he will have the last word. He is the Word.

— Wendy Rogers (@WendyRogersAZ) December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas, everyone! She stands with Jesus, who’s being canceled by commies, who can’t cancel him! Or is she saying that she stands with Jesus, Lee, and the Indians all being cancelled by the satanic commies? Because that’s something I can get behind, if it turns out she just doesn’t know how to type or use an em-dash. Nah, it’s the first one. She’s being a racist moron.

Oh, and she’s from Arizona, but she is totally standing with the Cleveland “Indians” (not a team anymore – they’re called the “Guardians”) and Robert E. Lee (not alive anymore,) so bring back slavery, and can we get some more indigenous people for her to subjugate in the name of manifest destiny, please? Or at least can the Diamondbacks start doing some foul, racist gestures at their baseball games to make this tw*t feel like she’s asserting her alleged white supremacy?

Stephen Robinson over at Wonkette said it better than I ever could…

Technically, Jesus was canceled. Then he returned briefly before ascending to the heavens, sort of like “Will & Grace.” That’s the whole point of Easter.

They should cancel (with no Matrix-style resurrection) Robert E. Lee because he was a traitor who failed at treason. It’s unclear why a state representative from Arizona is standing with the baseball team currently known as the Cleveland Guardians. They weren’t canceled. They just have a less racist name.

It seems unfair, though, that Rogers forces Jesus to share his birthday with Lee and a racist team mascot. She’s turning Christmas into a catch-all holiday like Presidents Day.

What a colossal turdmuffin.

Twitter agreed.

Jesus would have nothing to do with you, and he loved everyone

— Dr. Ohm 🇺🇲🌊 (@HereToRebuild) December 26, 2021

1. Cleveland still has a baseball team
2. Robert E Lee was cancelled by Ulysses S Grant & the union army
3. Jesus doesn’t want you at his birthday party

— Artist formerly known as Deven Nunez Cow (@EmmReef) December 26, 2021

Oh, honey . . . who are you kidding?

With all the bearing false witness you do for Donald Trump, a lying, divorced adulterer who covets other men’s wives, Jesus would cancel YOU!

— Mrs. Betty Bowers (@BettyBowers) December 27, 2021

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