Aww, The Giant 'Trump Bridge' Sign Crashed

Aww, The Giant 'Trump Bridge' Sign Crashed

We’re glad no one was hurt in this automobile accident, but crashing the Trump Unity Sign is an allegory for our time.

The owner of the sign, Rob Cortis, was returning from an anti-mask protest when he had a mishap involving two other cars.

The story at MLive didn’t explain why Rob was towing the sign with a former ambulance. But it did describe the sign as “complete with signs reading ‘All Lives Matter,’ ‘Build The Wall,’ and ‘Make America Great Again'” and noted that the sign “has become a familiar sight at events across the state of Michigan, including protests at the state capitol and rallies.”

We do wonder if this anti-masker believes in insurance and the federal and state laws that require those OTHER motorists involved in the accident to carry it. You know, to protect everyone around them.

I’m assuming Rob Cortis doesn’t get irony.

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