Bartiromo Asks Eric Trump About Minaj's 'Swollen Testicles' Claim

Bartiromo Asks Eric Trump About Minaj's 'Swollen Testicles' Claim

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday probed Eric Trump about the fallout from Nicki Minaj’s unfounded suggestion that the Covid-19 vaccine could cause swollen testicles.

In a series of tweets last week, Minaj claimed that a friend of her cousin suffered from “swollen” testicles after getting the shot.

Bartiromo deemed the subject important enough to bring it up during an interview with the son of the former president.

“We saw what happened to Nicky Minaj this week,” Bartiromo told Trump. “She’s facing backlash for tweeting to her 22 million followers that a friend of her cousin had issues with the vaccine and now they’re trying to cancel her.”

For his part, Trump avoiding talking about swollen testicles.

“They are trying to cancel everybody,” he insisted. “They have weaponized the media. They have weaponized the legal system. And they have weaponized the judicial system. And they’ve weaponized the military.”

“And if you speak out against them, if you disagree with them, they cancel you, they try and arrest you, they try and prosecute you,” Trump continued. “It’s amazing the kind of unjustice [sic] in this country. And America was always this country that stood for equal weights of justice on both sides.”

He added: “It reminds me of a banana republic.”

Watch the video below from Fox News.

Maria Bartiromo asks Eric Trump about Nicki Minaj’s swollen testicles claim

— David Edwards (@DavidEdwards) September 19, 2021

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