Ben Gleib Punks Idiot Charlie Kirk In Abortion Debate

Ben Gleib Punks Idiot Charlie Kirk In Abortion Debate

I don’t usually pay attention to Charlie Kirk. I see enough of his type up close and personal when I’m out on the sidewalk in front of reproductive healthcare clinics, escorting patients past them to get safely inside. Show me a video of him getting punked, and add the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” theme, though? I’m there in a hot minute.

Enter Ben Gleib, with whom Kirk was stupid enough to engage in debate on his own asinine show, “Debate Night with Charlie Kirk.” Gleib pulls out a photo of a fetus, and asks, “Do you truly in your heart of hearts, truly believe that this is a human being? This–“

Kirk interrupts him and declares, “Without a doubt.”

“Without a doubt?” Gleib asks, giving him the chance to pause, which of course Kirk does not.

“Yes,” insists a self-satisfied Kirk.

“This is a DOLPHIN fetus,” Gleib informs him. “WITHOUT A DOUBT, a dolphin fetus is a human being.”

“So, lemme…” Kirk stammers, then blinks, then looks at the camera, like, uh-oh…

Gleib pulls out a photo of a human fetus, and enlightens him.

“THIS is a human fetus. You just confirmed that a dolphin…in LIFE, do you confuse dolphins for human babies often?”

“So, lemme ask you if I…” Kirk tries again, but Gleib is off to the races.

“Do you go to Sea World, and are you like, ‘SOMEONE’S GOT HUMAN BABIES IN THAT AQUARIUM'”

I’ve watched some more of this debate, where Kirk makes the typical absurd arguments against abortion rights, and Gleib does a decent job disputing them, but honestly, I value my time and blood pressure more than I value the chance to chew up and spit out this asswipe Kirk’s self-proclaimed moral superiority and alleged “knowledge” on the topic.

If you, however, feel like you haven’t stubbed your toe enough, hit your own finger with a hammer, or stepped on enough Legos in your lifetime, feel free to watch the entire debate below. The segment on the dolphin fetus happens around 23 minutes in.

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