Ben Shapiro To Rittenhouse Jurors: Conviction Would Be 'Political'

Ben Shapiro To Rittenhouse Jurors: Conviction Would Be 'Political'

Former celibate tinker-man Ben Shapiro claimed that there isn’t enough evidence to go to trial, let alone convict murderous teenager Kyle Rittenhouse.

Murdering Blacks and Democrats is fair game to Republicans.

Playing the usual victim card, Shapiro said, “We live in a society where the media will not allow a case not to be brought so long as the purported victimizer is of the wrong political persuasion.”

Shapiro even claimed that the Derek Chauvin trial was a sham, while speaking in a stilted and staccato cadence that sounds like screeching nails on a chalkboard.

“Regardless of what you think of his activities, this still no there evidence in that Derek Chauvin case that anything he did was motivated by racism,” he squeaked.

Sure, murdering people at a anti-police rally has nothing to do with race, at all.

He continued, “Everything is used standard for politics these days and the Rittenhouse trial is just the perfect example of that.”

Right-wing dweeb Ben Shapiro hasn’t found a racist shooting worthy of a guilty verdict in his opinion.

I guess if Chauvin wore a white hood into court, he might be convinced. But then, maybe not.

The same goes for Rittenhouse.

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