Brian Kilmeade Calls For Boycott Of 'Anti-American' Superman Comic

Brian Kilmeade Calls For Boycott Of 'Anti-American' Superman Comic

Fox host Brian Kilmeade claimed that DC comics is changing its Superman slogan because they hate America, after they dropped the phrase “American way” from Superman’s motto.

“Now it seems America once again is upset and embarrassed about being American,” Kilmeade opined to Sandra Smith.

Sandra echoed DC comics’ response by saying they believe Superman is for everyone in the world.

“It’s just more inclusive,” she said. But they both didn’t believe it.

Kilmeade then laid down the law and came up with a solution for the deluded MAGA lunatics watching their program.

“The only thing you can do, if you are an American consumer, decide that if you are anti-American maybe I’m gonna choose a different cartoon,” Kilmeade said, urging a boycott. (Is that “cancel culture”?)

Fox News is antagonizing right-wing Americans with phony conspiracies and anti-American rhetoric right out of Stalin’s playbook.

I’ve heard from anonymous sources that Pepe Le Pew feels abused and forgotten since Fox News dropped him from their grievance-programming.

Change is inevitable. It’s not evil or anti-anything. It just is.

Conservatives long for the days where they can refuse service to a black American, spit on a gay person and shoot a tree-hugger.

Don’t tug on Superman’s Cape, Brian Kilmeade.

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