Burger King Warrior Whines About Mean Liberals

Burger King Warrior Whines About Mean Liberals

So it’s the slow news days between Christmas and New Year’s and Laura Ingraham’s show hosts Michael Anthony, one of the Burger King anti-mask warriors who was arrested this week.

I’ve been a podcaster for twelve years and Michael Anthony has a better microphone set-up than I do. What gives?

I assume he’s a voice actor in addition to a crisis actor for the anti-mask crowd. Hey look, his antics got him a spot on Ingraham.

And given that opportunity, Anthony stays right on script, noting how mean elderly liberals were to him, cursing him out and flipping him off as he got arrested for staging an anti-mask demonstration in a fast-food restaurant. “Where’s the compassion?” he asks. Really.

You DO know you’re in New York City, right, Anthony?

New Yorkers, in particular, don’t sugarcoat their disdain for those who willfully spread a virus in order to get on Fox.

He’s not allowed in the Fox studio, either.

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