CA Anti-Vax Mom, 40, Dies Of You Know What And Leaves Four Kids

CA Anti-Vax Mom, 40, Dies Of You Know What And Leaves Four Kids

I’m getting so tired. Tired of all the deaths of people who should have known better, preventable deaths but for the insanity that’s infected the body politic. Via the Daily Mail:

Kristen Lowery, 40, from Escalon, California, ‘unexpectedly’ passed away on September 15th, according to a GoFundMe page raising money for her funeral expenses.

Maybe not so unexpected, huh?

In screenshots taken from Facebook, family members say she lost her battle against COVID-19 — after frequently posting content protesting vaccines and labeling herself ‘unmasked and unmuzzled’ and a ‘free thinker.’

But earlier this month, her sister, Cassie, wrote on Facebook that Lowery was ‘in the hospital fighting for her life against Covid and pneumonia.

‘My sister has a long life left. We need you here, sissy. Your kids love and miss you so much. Please don’t give up,’ she wrote. “I do not care about your opinion on vaccinated or not, this isn’t political.”

There is, of course, the requisite GoFundMe page to pay for the COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED DEATH from covid pneumonia. I mean, who could have known that the delta variant, which is airborne and can get into the lungs EVEN OF YOUNG PEOPLE WHO DO YOGA, could kill freethinkers, too?

She is described as someone who “always put her kids first.”

Except, you know, when it would have prevented leaving them without their mother.

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