Capitol Rioter Wore Stolen Cap From Police While Bragging About It On YouTube

Capitol Rioter Wore Stolen Cap From Police While Bragging About It On YouTube

Unsurprisingly, Neely bragged to his friends at the right-wing radio station he worked for about his high jinks and the souvenirs he collected on his visit to the Capitol, including wearing one of the stolen items on air. Three of his co-workers turned him in, naturally. Neely is now looking at some serious jail time for his “souvenirs.”

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A right-wing radio host stole the baseball cap worn by a U.S. Capitol Police officer who defended Congress on Jan. 6 and wore it during a live stream of one of his broadcasts, federal authorities claimed in court papers released on Monday. Three witnesses who worked at his media outlet allegedly told the FBI that he boasted about stealing several other items from the officer and china plates from the building.

Charged under seal on Sept. 30, Global Enlightenment Radio Network host Darrell Neely was arrested on Monday, and court records show that three other people who worked with him at the radio station led the FBI to him. Those three witnesses each told authorities that they spoke to Neely on the day of the siege of the U.S. Capitol in video calls and a Facebook messenger chat.

According to the FBI’s affidavit, the witnesses claimed Neely suggested that he stole multiple items that day, including a U.S. Capitol Police officer’s belongings and china plates allegedly pilfered from the building.

In newly unsealed Jan 6 case, feds allege Darrell Neely posted a video of himself wearing a US Capitol police hat…. days after the riot.

Per charging documents, witnesses say Neely made video call on Capitol grounds .. and was showing a Capitol Police jacket and a china plate

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Darrell Neely, a MAGA cult member who hosts a bs show on the “Global Enlightenment Radio Network,” has been charged around the Jan. 6 attack.

Feds had help identifying him, because he wore a stolen U.S. Capitol Police hat in a YouTube video on Jan. 7.

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