Cawthorn Runs Scared After Voting For 'Red Flag' Gun Law

Cawthorn Runs Scared After Voting For 'Red Flag' Gun Law

A common sense gun measure, called a red flag law protects the public from an unstable person with a gun, by allowing their family members to report them. Of course, being in favor of this measure is viewed as being a traitor to the Second Amendment nuts.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn found that out very quickly, and it put the fear of a punishing God into him. Cawthorn always seems to be armed, either when traveling or in Congress, but I guess he doesn’t consider himself an unstable person.

Surprisingly, Madison Cawthorn voted for the red flag measure, before he found out he shouldn’t have. He was so flustered, apparently, by being criticized by the gun toting MAGA whacks that he retreated into a car to film this creepy video.

Cawthorn hits the panic button tonight, firing off a video from his car. He has been getting called a traitor all day after voting for the “red flag” gun bill. “I have not betrayed anybody in the 2nd Amendment community. I will always have your back. I’m armed every single day.”

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) September 25, 2021

Cawthorn tried to explain the red flag portion of the bill, for which he indeed voted. He stumbled and bumbled his way through and said, “I know for a fact it will not go into law. This this part will be stripped out of it.”

How does this low-level Congressmen know this? Maybe an angel whispered in his ear?

Cawthorn declared, “If it is not, I will absolutely burn it to the ground..I’ll make sure it does not pass thru the House.”

Cawthorn has no power to kill any bill, let alone “burn it to the ground.” Maybe he believes if he goes on Fox News and Newsmax, the measure will suddenly burst into flames.

Quaking in his boots he promised and pleaded, “I have not betrayed anybody in the second amendment community.”

He’s so scared, he promoted this:

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