Chris Hayes Asks Sinema: Why Aren't You Doing Your Job?

Chris Hayes Asks Sinema: Why Aren't You Doing Your Job?

Via Raw Story, Chris Hayes talked about how very, very busy Kyrsten Sinema’s personal schedule is. She was training for an Iron Man triathlon in New Zealand and a California marathon.

He pointed out she has a full teaching load at Arizona State University, and last summer, she worked a two-week stint as a paid intern at a California winery.

“None of these activities are inherently bad at all. in fact, they all sound great. time intensive but great, rewarding, awesome. Many politicians are active athletes. Many others teach college classes. But Sen. Sinema appears to be doing all these things instead of doing her job.”

He brought on Ryan Grim, D.C. bureau chief for The Intercept.

“Progressives are very frustrated with her, it’s unclear what she wants. But just putting that aside, like this is strange, the way that she is generally conducting herself as a U.S. senator is quite anomalous just across the political spectrum even compared to someone like Joe Manchin,” Hayes said.

“I’ve been covering Congress since, I guess, what, 2006, and so you know, I’ve watched all sorts of negotiations unfold,” Grim replied. “Nobody’s ever seen anything like this.”

“And so there’s an impulse out there to say, ‘Look, stop trying to overanalyze Kyrsten Sinema, it’s quite simple, she raises a ton of corporate money and she’s doing the bidding of her corporate donors. No. That analytical framework doesn’t work because so many other politicians who take so much corporate money aren’t behaving this way,” Grim explained.

Hayes pointed out how protective she is of her personal schedule, and her “work” as senator always comes second. Well, she may as well enjoy it while it lasts, because her poll numbers are in the tank and Arizona Dems are looking for a primary challenger.

Among likely 2024 Dem primary voters (Dems and indies) Kyrsten Sinema has net minus-45 approval. Virtually any prominent Dem in the state would beat her.

— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) October 14, 2021

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