Chris Hayes: Carlson's More Racist Than Former KKK Leader Duke

Chris Hayes: Carlson's More Racist Than Former KKK Leader Duke

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes rightfully compared Fox’s Tucker Carlson to former KKK grand wizard David Duke, and pointed out that Carlson is a lot more overt with his bigotry than Duke was back in the day.

“Ever since there had been immigrants coming to America in large numbers, there have been bigots and racists who did not want them,” Hayes explained in his monologue. “One consistent argument those bigots and racists have made is that the newcomers would overrun the people who are already here.”

“This is really old, standard stuff. Usually it was about race, ethnicity, or religion. It of course happened to the Irish and the Italians and the Jews and the Chinese,” Hayes continued. “In fact, the first bit of immigration legislation in this country was literally the Chinese Exclusion Act. It happened to the Mexicans, and most recently, Haitians.”

“The fundamental message of these bigots across time is that these bad, other dirty people, uncivilized, different than us, would overrun and replace us, the good, pure Americans,” Hayes said, before playing a montage of old David Duke and recent Tucker Carlson clips, echoing the same fearmongering, racist sentiments about immigrants, before slamming Carlson one more time.

“I’ve got to say, in a lot of those moments, Tucker Carlson is a lot more overt with his bigotry than the former KKK guy.” After pointing out that many have been understandably shocked by how “how audaciously racist this argument is,” Hayes went onto explain why their arguments are worth confronting, because they’re not just racist, but stupid as well.

As Hayes discussed, first of all, no one already in America is “being replaced.” We’re a very large country that can easily absorb a few thousand Haitians. America isn’t being “overrun” by migrants. Second, these migrants are not “obedient” and no one knows how they’ll end up voting once some of them finally become citizens. This is not some grand plot by Democrats to gain a new large block of voters as they’re continually fearmongering over on Fox.

Hayes is spot on with what they’re doing and why, over on Murdoch’s propaganda network. It’s been non-stop race-baiting to keep the GOP base in a constant state of agitation, because that’s all they’ve got, other than crying about Democrats wanting to raise taxes.

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