Christie Implicates Kellyanne Conway In Jan 6 Insurrection

Christie Implicates Kellyanne Conway In Jan 6 Insurrection

Talking to Axios on HBO MAX over the weekend, the former Trump sycophant from New Jersey, said he made a frantic call to Trump on January 6, that he was ignored by the seditious ex-president.

“I tried to call him … to give him advice on what I thought he needed to be doing to stop the violence,” Christie said.

However, did Christie just make ‘Ms. Alternative Facts’ a news witness for the House committee investigation the insurrection?

“I called Kellyanne Conway first. And I said to her: ‘Have you spoken to him?’ And she said she had not. And she said: ‘I think we both need to call him.’ And I said: ‘Absolutely.’ So I then called the president’s secretary … Couldn’t get through. I then called his body guy. Didn’t pick up. I then called the president’s cell phone, and he didn’t pick up,” Christie continued.

Christie isn’t ashamed of coaching Trump for his debate when he was running for re-election, except for one tiny thing.

Christie caught COVID, which put him in the ICU for seven days, and he thought he was going to die.

The more we hear from Republicans who were involved in some way during the insurrection, the darker it gets for Donald Trump and his sycophants.

These people are all made for each other.

Who else thinks it’s TOO LATE for Chris Christie to rehab his reputation after ENABLING Trump for so long? ✋

— Jon Cooper 🇺🇸 (@joncoopertweets) November 15, 2021

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