CNN Catalogues Trump's Many Obfuscations And Election Lies

CNN Catalogues Trump's Many Obfuscations And Election Lies

CNN host John Berman put together a video package of the many times Donald Trump refused to say he would honor the 2020 election results with this chyron: All the ways Trump tried to steal the election.

Claiming the election was stolen has become MAGA’s mantra, since Trump has continued to cry like a baby. Most of the GOP is one big corrupt political QAnon cult party these days.

“It is foundational to Trump and Trumpism now,” Berman said of the Big Lie.

During a debate Trump told his poll watchers to claim fraud before the election. “I’m urging my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully —“

Berman then included all of traitor Trump’s lies after he realized in the wee hours of November 4 that he would lose the election.

I warn you. Watching this clip and the entire segment on CNN is disturbing.

How any elected US president could spew so much garbage and lies is shocking to those of us living in the reality-based community. And Republicans follow, like lemmings to the sea. They want the power he promises and are willing to sell their souls to have it.

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