Congressman Chip Roy Whines He Can't Get Ivermectin At Pharmacy

Congressman Chip Roy Whines He Can't Get Ivermectin At Pharmacy

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) moaned on the House floor that he had trouble filling his Ivermectin doctor prescribed prescription at his local pharmacies.

This is the state of the GOP.

They say insane things on the floor of the US House of Representatives and peddle faux elixirs during a goddamn pandemic.

“I got a prescription of Ivermectin. So did my wife,” Roy said.

Birds of a feather, I suppose.

Is it legal for a doctor to prescribe medicine for an illness that it is not certified for?

Chip and his missus do not have COVID, they were just stocking up on the latest snake oil being promoted by the wingnut fever swamps “in case we needed it.”

Really it’s just another effort to support the anti-vaxers.

As Larry David would say, “Albert Brooks is a COVID hoarder!”

“That’s not horse medicine!” Rep. Roy proclaimed. He told a long and winding Texas tale about a man and his animal dewormer.

Rep. Roy was angry his wife got her prescription filled but he couldn’t find a pharmacy that would fill it for a couple of weeks. And then like magic, it was filled.

“Why is that,” he exclaimed.


Because it’s not a f***ing COVID medicine, asshole.

If a MAGA idiot claimed rat poison was a new COVID cure on their fever swamps and gave a phony testimonial, people like Rep. Chip Roy would promote it.

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