COVID Patient Who Left Hospital With Anti-Vaxxer's Help Has Died

COVID Patient Who Left Hospital With Anti-Vaxxer's Help Has Died

An Irish man in hospital with COVID was convinced by some insane anti-vaxxers to check himself out and go home. That turned out to be a big mistake. Two days later he was back in the hospital, in far worse shape than he had been in previously. Today, they buried Joe McCarron.

Source: Irish Central

Joe McCarron, 75, who was featured in a video being removed from Letterkenny University Hospital against the advice of his doctors, has passed away.

McCarron’s funeral is set to be held in his native Dungloe, Co Donegal this Sunday, according to an announcement shared on on Friday afternoon.

Video of McCarron leaving Letterkenny University Hospital with the help of Antonio Mureddu Gravegliu began to circulate on social media on September 14.

“We are saving Joe’s life,” Gravegliu says in the video. “Today is a winning day for Ireland.” He goes on to thank Dr. Dolores Cahill, a prominent figure in Ireland’s anti-vaccination movement.

A doctor pleads with McCarron in the video to stay in the hospital: “You have the right to decide what you want to do.

“You’re barely able to breathe,” the doctor says. “We want you to stay to help you.”

Gravegliu, who was wearing a mask under his chin, tells McCarron, “If you stay here, they going to f***ing kill you, Joe.”

Update: After being persuaded to leave hospital by an anti-vaxxer, Joe McCarron

— John Scott-Railton (@jsrailton) September 26, 2021

Covid-skeptic Joe McCarron (75) didn’t think the disease would kill him. Blinded by conspiracy theories, he allowed himself to be taken from ICU. Now he’s dead. In tomorrow’s Sunday Independent, I investigate the people behind spreading Covid mistruths in Donegal — and name them.

— Rodney Edwards (@rodneyedwards) September 25, 2021

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